Priorities 2013-2015

The U.S. Facilitation enhance and further strengthen CBFP member activities in four objectives (hereafter). In the perspective of visibility, the present section offers the possibility of following CBFP activities in each priority area.

Clear and concerted African Leadership


Action to address critical threats to biodiversity and forests


Full participation in efforts to adapt to and combat climate change


Effective institutions, regulatory regimes, and governance to address forests and wildlife


Priorities 2010-2012

Support for policies and their harmonization


Strengthening of COMIFAC and partners institutions


Reinforcement of forest governance and CBFP


Priorities 2008-2010


Strengthening of COMIFAC institutions and the CBFP


- ECCAS: The 14th Summit of Heads of State and Government Consolidates and give Security to COMIFAC!

- Extraordinary Conference of Ministers of ECCAS -COMIFAC in Kinshasa

- COMIFAC Ministers consultations in Libreville (May 2009)

-Council of Ministers 6th:COMIFAC adopts its Plan for Action 2009-2010

- Council of Ministers 5th

- Council of Ministers 4th (french)

- Note synthèse COMIFAC (2008) (french)

- Conclusions de la première réunion de concertation COMIFAC et institutions partenaires) 2009 (french)



-Stepping up to the next level: CEFDHAC's reform is getting implemented by setting up national fora

- Collaboration agreement COMIFAC-CEFDHAC (2008, French info flyer)

- CEFDHAC - governing articles (2007, in French

- CEFDHAC internal regulations (2007, in French)

- CEFDHAC - organisational analysis and recommendations (2006, in French)

- CEFDHAC National Fora Presidents (January 2009)



- CBFP plenary meeting: 6th

- CBFP before the American Congress

- CBFP Facilitator Delegate attends Washington Global Forest Leaders Forum

- Les Facilitateurs en concertation avec la présidence de la COMIFAC à Bangui 2009 (French)

- Welcome address of the German Facilitator

- Objectives and working structure

- CBFP as a type II partnership (non-binding)


CBFP Regional Advisory Committee

- Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) 7th (Douala 2009)

- RAC 6th (Brazzaville 2008)

- RAC 3rd (Paris 2006) (french)

- RAC 1st (Libreville 2005) (french) 



-Strengthening of the partnership between InWEnt and RIFFEAC

-Capacity Building for Forest and Environmental Schools

- Training a strategic framework

-Regional Seminar on Forest-Environmental Training Programmes in Central Africa

- Regional workshop on national forest programs (may 23 - 25th 2006 in Douala)


Welcome to our new partnership's members

- ALPI Group

- Norway


- Precious Woods

- See all PFBC - Members


CES Brazzaville offers new multidisciplinary training programme


Improving forest governance and framework conditions


CBFP - a strong voice for good forest governance



- FERN/Forest Watch Ghana Press Release: Cautious optimism as first VPA is signed in Ghana

- The EU Concludes FLEGT Agreement with Republic of Congo

- The EU FLEGT (VPA) negotiation with Republic of Cameroon

- COMIFAC Evaluation workshop on AFLEG/FLEGT Task Force (13-15 May 2009)




Certification :

- On the verge of developing a regional referential for forest certification: GSRT-FSC 3rd meeting

- ATIBT: Workshop on High Conservation Value Forests:GSRT-FSC 2nd (February 26-29, in Douala)

- COMIFAC workshop on credible certification in Congo Basin (french)

- On its efforts to preserve the Congolese forests,

- Rougier Gabon obtains the FSC certification 

- A new forest concession certified in Cameroon (french) 


Elaboration et la mise en œuvre des programmes forestiers nationaux (PFN):

- The network of Parliament members (REPAR) 2nd conference

- State Failure and Governance in Vulnerable States: An Assessment of Forest Law Compliance and Enforcement in Cameroon

- La Réforme de la Politique Forestière au Cameroun: Enjeux, Bilan, Perspectives (french)

- Suivi de programmes forestiers nationaux : L'exemple du Programme forestier national PSFE au Cameroun (french)

- Expériences de la mise en œuvre des programmes forestiers nationaux au Gabon (french)

- Les enjeux des réformes dans le secteur forestier en Afrique centrale (french)

- Appui de la FAO au processus d'harmonisation (french)


CBFP - Chine:

-CBFP's Facilitators on the road to China (April 20 to 27)

- Summary of Proceedings IFIA Workshop for Dialogue (COMIFAC-IFIA-China)

Implementation of the Convergence Plan and major international environmental convention

State of the Forests in Congo Basin

-The Forests of the Congo Basin: State of the Forest 2008 launched at the U.S. Capital

- OFAC: The State of the Forests in the Congo Basin 2008

- 2005

- 2006

- 2008

- Conclusions from the "State of the Forests 2008" validation workshop


Gestion durable

- Conclusions of the CBFP Workshop on the Role of Industrial Logging

-The real issues of sustainable management in Lomié

- On its efforts to preserve the Congolese forests,

- Newsletter of the "Project for Managing Small Gabonese Forest Licenses"

- DR Congo plans to cancel more than two-thirds of its timber logging contracts

- Du progrès palpable enregistré au niveau de l'aménagement (french)

- IFIA-Amis de la Terre: Mission conjointe contre l'exploitation illégale (french)

- SCIENCE Special Issue on "Forests in Flux"



- Monitoring Carbon Stocks and Fluxes at the Centre of the COMIFAC Workshop

- COP 15 UNFCCC Recommendations from CIFOR Forest Day 3

- COP 15 UNFCCC CEEAC-France: "Today, Africa is Part of the Solution"

- COP 15 UNFCCC COMIFAC: Tropical Forests at the Centre of Negotiations

- CIFOR Central Africa 2: Preparing for Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change

- One-fifth of fossil-fuel emissions absorbed by threatened forests

- Dialogue on Initiatives for REDD Readiness in the Congo Basin

- Forest Day presented summary of key messages to UNFCCC Secretariat

- More research on climate aid: Oxford Energy and Environment Comment

- Negotiating climate policies - domestic and international coalition forming

- COMIFAC Workshop on REDD (Paris, 10-14 March 2008)

- COMIFAC workshop's documentation on REDD (Brazzaville, 2-4 February 2010)

- Background documents Congo Basin REDD Donor Dialogue (23 october 2008)



- COMIFAC-GTBAC 10th: Towards the development of strategy APA for COMIFAC’s space countries

- COMIFAC - GTBAC 9th: Central Africa in one accord in Douala, Cameroon



- Presentations delivered at the COMIFAC side event during COP9 CBD in Bonn (May 28, 2008)

- IUCN Toolkit forest- poverty / policy brief

- Bush meat extraction rose considerably in Central Africa

- Une convention de contribution au profit de la CAWFHI (2009) (french)

Innovative financial mechanisms