Academic Consortium for the Congo Basin Forest Partnership (ACCBFP)

A partnership of Drexel University, Laval University, University of California at Los Angeles, University of Maryland, University of New Orleans, University of Oregon, University of South Florida, and the University of Wisconsin - Madison




ACCBFP Mission:


To facilitate collaborations among universities, civil society, and governmental agencies within Central Africa and between these units and the broader international community to promote research, education, and training in sustainable development, human and ecosystem health, and environmental conservation in the Congo Basin.


ACCBFP Objectives:


Central Africa is undergoing rapid population growth, urbanization, and accelerating rates of natural resource exploitation. The objective of the ACCBFP is to help build solutions to these challenges by working with the governments, universities, businesses, and conservation sector in Central Africa to enhance environmental conservation, human and ecosystem health, and sustainable development in the Congo Basin. Our consortium supports education and research activities to foster conservation expertise and leadership within Central Africa. Our consortium also supports research activities and innovative training opportunities to help build local capacity in the Congo Basin and improve our understanding of how to best conserve ecosystems and preserve cultural heritage in the region. To accomplish these goals, the UCCBFP will build collaborative partnerships among our universities and academic, civil society, business, and governmental institutions in Central Africa.


ACCBFP Activities include:


  • Conducting interdisciplinary research and technical training in Central Africa to support training African leaders and entrepreneurship related to biological conservation, environmental sustainability, climate change adaptation, human health, and natural resources governance in the Congo Basin.


  • Seeking to secure funding for projects of mutual interest by cooperating to jointly submit proposals and access international and national development funds to promote research, education, and technical training by ACCBFP and African partners in the Congo Basin.


  • Strengthening existing and develop key new relationships with national, regional, and international communities by working in cooperation with each other and African partners to share the knowledge and expertise found within the ACCBFP on environmental and development issues.


  • Maintaining an organizational structure for the ACCBFP to successfully carry out its identified mission with current and future Congo Basin Forest Partnership leadership teams


Please downwload the Mission statement in PDF format : Academic Consortium for the Congo Basin Forest Partnership (ACCBFP)