The Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP) works in close relationship with the Central African Forests Commission (COMIFAC), the regional body in charge of forest and environmental policy, coordination and harmonisation, with the objective to promote the conservation and sustainable management of the Congo basin's forest ecosystems.

CBFP members support the implementation of COMIFAC's regional Convergence Plan and the 1999 Yaoundé Declaration:

♦ Harmonizing forest policy and taxation

♦ Resource knowledge and inventory

♦ Ecosystem management

♦ Biodiversity conservation

♦ Sustainable use of forest resources

♦ Alternative income generation

♦ Capacity development and training

♦ Research

♦ Innovative financing mechanisms

♦ Regional cooperation and partnerships

In the spirit of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, which is mirrored inCBFP's cooperation framework, the objective of the partnership is to raise the effectiveness of the partners' programs and initiatives, through improved communication and collaboration. 

Working structure

The Congo Basin Forest Partnership does not play a direct part in program implementation or financing. It does not have a secretariat or permanent staff. It works as a Bridge between donors and implementing agencies and provides a forum for dialogue between its partners.

The form of governance chosen by the CBFP is steering through "Facilitation", provided by one of its members for a set period of time. The role of the facilitation is to organize dialogue and promote cooperation between the partners, to set up a work program based on the guidelines established in the COMIFAC Convergence Plan, and to represent the partnership externally.

The Facilitation is now provided by the European Union for the period 2016-2017.


The new cooperation structures, the CBFP colleges and the CBFP Council, have been established and started to function. These structures are intended to reinforce the possibilities for dialogue and exchanges within a partnership, whose membership has grown substantially since its inception... For more information on the New CBFP Governance Structure, kindly download the CBFP-Cooperation-Framework-adopted-in-November-2016-EN.pdf (57.2 KiB)


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