CBFP Links

The Internet is a useful playing field, and many of our members or affiliated initiatives have published websites offering great information that cover specfici CBFP working topics. Please find below a first, non-exhaustive selection of links. If you want to propose additional links for this section, please contact info@pfbc-cbfp.org.


CBFF - Congo Basin Forest Fund http://www.cbf-fund.org
The Congo Basin Forest Fund has been launched in June 2008 and will provide a source of accessible funding, and encourage governments, civil society, NGOs and the private sector to work together. The CBFF is initially being financed by a grant of £100 million from the British and Norwegian Governments.

ECOFAC – Forest Ecosystems in Central Africa http://www.ecofac.org
ECOFAC, the European Commission's regional programme, is promoting the creation and management of protected areas that act as sanctuaries of biodiversity. ECOFAC also encourages exchanges and cooperation between these countries, a process by which regional solutions can be devised and implemented.


FSC – Forest Stewardship Council  http://www.fsc.org
The FSC was founded in 1993 and awards a range of certificates including forest management certification and chain of custody certification. It will soon start awarding legal conformity certification.


GEF - Global Environement Facility http://www.gefweb.org
The Global Environment Facility (GEF) is a global partnership among 178 countries, international institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and the private sector to address global environmental issues while supporting national sustainable development initiatives. The Facility is currently putting together a 50Million$ package for a strategic support programme for sustainable management of Central African Forest Ecosystems.


OFAC - Observatory of Central African Forests http://www.observatoire-comifac.net
OFAC is a joint initiative of a number of PFBC members, with the objective to exchange knowledge and available data that are necessary for monitoring the economic, ecological and social dimensions of forest ecosystems.

PEFC – Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes
This NGO was founded in 1999 to promote sustainably managed forests.  The eco-certification label, which was originally a European concept, is now open to other continents and sets out a framework for mutual recognition of national certification systems developed in line with PEFC international principles.


Climate Strategies http://www.climatestrategies.org
The organisation's mission is to assist governments in solving the collective action problem of climate change. By convening international groups of experts, Climate Strategies provides rigorous, fact-based and independent assessment on international climate change policy. They aim to connect leading applied research on international climate change issues to the policy process and public debate, raising the quality and coherence of advice provided on policy formation.

Illegal Logging http://www.illegal-logging.info
The purpose of this site, managed by Chatham House, is to provide background information on the key issues in the illegal logging debate, together with news stories, information on events, key documents and links to other relevant websites.

CASCADe Africa http://www.cascade-africa.net

This UNEP Programme aims at enhancing expertise to generate carbon credits in land use, land use change and forestry (LULUCF) as well as bioenergy activities in Sub-Saharan African countries. The initiative is jointly implemented by UNEP and UNEP Risoe Centre, in partnership with CIRAD and the French National Forestry Office.