CBFP Council

What is the role of the CBFP Council?

The CBFP Council will be a platform for promoting effective inter-partner discussion. With its college-based composition, the Council will allow the viewpoints of different groups of partners to be brought together and considered more effectively. This should help to promote the convergence of collectively held views on issues of importance to the protection and sustainable management of the forests, including key problems, priorities and efforts to foster concerted action. It should also allow for more regular follow-up on key issues and discussions.

The Council will meet twice a year (once back-to-back with the annual Meeting of Parties and once in between such meetings), and will also assist the Facilitation in preparing and following up on the annual Meetings of CBFP Parties.

The Council will operate with a high degree of transparency and all CBFP members will be informed of the outcome of all Council meetings.

How is the agenda of the CBFP Council established?

Each college will be able to propose agenda items to be put on the agenda of the Council. In order to be put onto the Council agenda, such items should reflect a significant level of shared interest in the respective college.

The Facilitation will also be able to propose agenda items and also request feedback from the colleges.

When the Council meets outside of the annual Meeting of Parties, it is foreseen that it would normally consider an item on the follow-up of the most recent annual Meeting of Parties and the preparations of the next annual Meeting of Parties.

Information Update on CBFP Council


Please downloadMinutes from inaugural session of the CBFP Council - Kigali Rwanda 24 November 2016-Final (152.0 KiB)


Kindly download: Minutes of the second Meeting of the CBFP Council - Libreville, 16 May 2017